King Computer is a trusted Equipment and Services provider to Financial Institutions across the Southeastern US and beyond. Established in 1984, our mission is to provide our customers technology solutions to accomplish their goals in the most cost-effective means possible; while continuing to innovate and provide the best value, year-after-year. Utilizing the latest technology and a time-tested business model, King Computer offers unsurpassed results and peace of mind. 

Our broad range of services includes:

  • Turn-key Solutions for purchasing or leasing new or refurbished ATMs 
  • ATM Staging, Logistics, and Deployment
  • Rigging / Installation, Bring Live, Branch Staff training
  • Financial Equipment Sales
  • ATM Branding - Signage, Toppers, Wraps, Free Standing Canopy & Kiosk Buildings
  • ATM Parts Sales, and Bench Repairs
  • Vandalism & Cosmetic Repair, and Special Projects

      At King Computer, We recognize and understand that, for many Financial Institutions, and Customers alike...brand loyalty often begins at the ATM. We are passionate about maintaining the loyalty of our most valued business partners, our customers, by taking care to ensure:

  • minimal downtime
  • seamless transition
  • a cost-effective solution tailored to the unique needs of each Financial Institution

      In a rapidly changing market where companies seem to vanish as quickly as they appear, King Computer is built on a solid reputation marked by quality and integrity. We have the equipment, solutions, and expertise to take on any ATM-related project, large or small.

Your technology partnership with King Computer will result in full satisfaction, nothing less!